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During installation tests, we make sure the manual or mobile app can get you through the setup process without contacting the company. We also look at whether the equipment in each system's starter kit requires additional tools such as screwdrivers and batteries. Finally, we time how long it takes to set up each component. We found Scout Alarm, SimpliSafe and abode easier to set up than most other DIY security systems. How much do DIY security systems cost?There are three costs you can expect with most DIY security systems: equipment, access fees and professional security monitoring. You can expect to spend an average of $250 on equipment, though this goes up as you buy more sensors.

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ADT today is dedicated to providing continuing dependable, excellent service and innovative products to all its clientele.

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Well, I’ve done my research, tested all the cameras, and written about what I believe are the best cameras out there.

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There are few things more important to people than the security and protection of their homes and families.